Wheel Alignment 101

Wheel Alignment 101

What is Wheel Alignment?

When all of the elements of your suspension are in proper alignment, all 4 of your car's tires are perfectly flat on the ground and the car will go straight. It really is that simple.

What causes my car to go out of alignment?

In North Carolina, mostly it is potholes that cause vehicles to become misaligned. But any impact by the tire can cause a change in the alignment. Major impacts can significantly change the alignment, while small impacts can change the alignment over a period of time. 

How can I tell if my car is out of alignment?

If you notice that you have uneven tire wear (the inside of the tire is worn more than the outside of your tire or vice-versa) or your vehicle pulls to one side, then most likely your car is not aligned properly.

What happens if I do not align my car?

Improper alignment will cause your tires to wear prematurely and/or cause your car to pull to one direction or the other instead of going straight. Failure to have your car aligned properly can cost you money unnecessarily in new tires or suspension components.

What do we do prior to aligning your car?

Prior to performing the alignment, our technicians will first perform a thorough inspection for worn, bent or broken suspension parts. We will also check to make sure the tire pressures are set correctly in each tire. We will not align your vehicle if your vehicle is within manufacturer specifications.

How often should I have my car aligned?

Due to the severe driving conditions in North Carolina, we recommend that you have your car aligned every 15,000 miles as a good interval. Additionally, if you buy new tires, we recommend you have your vehicle aligned at that time.

If you feel your vehicle is out of alignment or it has been over 15,000 miles since your last alignment, Schedule Service online.


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